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New Orleans Under A Blue September Sky

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NOLA Under Blue September Skies

“New Orleans Under a Blue September Sky”
September 12, 2015.
Photo by Brett Schwaner.

One of my favorite weekend hobbies is to read old Ghost Rider comic books in desolate parking lots around New Orleans, whenever possible (which is not often enough, sadly).

The view from behind 1926 Magazine Street can be seen by walking one half block off of Magazine on St. Andrew’s heading towards the river. You’ll find yourself standing across the street from the St. Thomas Community Health Center, which is adjoined to the back of the Magazine Discount Market.

While in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by Miette and pick up a copy of my illustrated horror novel. We’ll be hosting our release party at Miette this Saturday, October 3rd.

You are definitely invited.



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September 28, 2015 at 12:00 pm


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Just dropping in with a quick reminder that first edition copies of my upcoming illustrated horror novel, GUIGNOL – A Tale of Escalating Horror, are available through this week only. PRE-ORDER ENDS JULY 31st!

If you would like to get your hands on a first printing copy of GUIGNOL, you will need to reserve your copy at NO LATER THAN JULY 31st.

First printing copies will not be available for sale after July 31st, so don’t miss out.

GUIGNOL – A Tale of Escalating Horror is the story of a children’s Halloween production gone horribly wrong.

Inspired by such modern classics as THE WALKING DEAD and BATTLE ROYALE, Guignol is intended for adults (not children).

GUIGNOL features over 300 pages of story and 50 full color illustrations by Keith Hogan.

Preview & Pre-Order Right Here

Guignol Cover

Guignol Book One


GUIGNOL Book One Arrives September 2015

Makes a terrifying Halloween gift.



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The fourth issue of author Mike Patton’s BODYCOUNT HORROR ‘ZINE is now in print.


Issue 4 features Cub (Welp), horror highlights from the Nashville Film Festival, Nick Phillips of Primrose Lane, horror snacks, and a whole lot more. Mail order Issue 4 for just $2 right here.

Mike is also the author of The Horror Movie Society, a slasher paperback. Print copies are currently on sale for $5 at the Body Count webstore. Issue 5 arrives later this year. LIKE Bodycount on Facebook.

Meanwhile, at the Overlook Hotel…

I recently wrote a guest column over at Bleeding Cool discussing the development of my upcoming horror series, GUIGNOL- A Tale of Escalating Horror.

The column got me thinking about the first horror comic that I ever bought when I was a kid. It was Ghost Rider #27 (1992), featuring Ghost Rider and the X-Men battling demons and aliens in New Orleans during Mardi Gras with a badass Jim Lee cover and gritty interior art by Ron Wagner. Ah, the awesome, face-melting 90s…


Some 23 years later, the dream of the 90s is alive. I am debuting my own horror series this September, just in time for Halloween.

To celebrate, I am currently giving away a copy of GUIGNOL via Goodreads. One winner will receive an original pencil sketch by GUIGNOL illustrator Keith Hogan inside of a signed first printing copy. We will also toss in a bonus bookmark and mini-poster. Contest ends July 16.

You can also pre-order GUIGNOL now through July 31. First edition copies are on sale for $19.99 + shipping. Sketch editions are currently on sale for $29.99, but after July 31, the regular price goes up to $49, so right now is a good time to save.

GUIGNOL -Book One arrives September 2015.

If you live in New Orleans, you can save the cost of shipping by pre-ordering to pick-up at MIETTE, located at 2038 Magazine Street.

Makes a terrifying Halloween gift.

*Recommended for Mature Readers

Guignol Cover



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I am currently running a giveaway contest over at GOODREADS.

Enter by July 16. 2015 for your chance to win a Signed & Numbered 1st printing Artist’s Sketch Edition of GUIGNOL – A Tale of Escalating Horror.

GUIGNOL is my upcoming illustrated horror novel, featuring over 300 pages of story and 50 original illustrations by New Orleans artist Keith Hogan.

The contest is open to U.S. residents only. The winner will receive a 1st printing copy of GUIGNOL with an original pencil sketch by artist Keith Hogan on the interior flyleaf. We will also include a bonus bookmark and limited mini-poster.

GUIGNOL – A Tale of Escalating Horror is the story of a children’s Halloween play gone horribly wrong, but with a shocking twist.

The first edition paperback arrives September 2015.

Pre-order now through July 31 only at or Like GUIGNOL on Facebook.

Click here to enter the contest at GOODREADS.

What’s your favorite holiday?

Guignol Cover



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Oh snap! Screen Door Revolution is back with an all-(mostly-)New Orleans-centric round-up of square-dancing news. Square-dancing was prohibited by your parents’ generation! And by your grandparents’ generation before them! And by their grandparents’ generation before that! When will the cycle be broken?

PEARS Sign to Fat Wreck Chords!



New Orleans punk rockers PEARS have signed to Fat Wreck Chords with plans to reissue their previous full length release.

Pears Go to Prison will be re-released with new artwork on Fat Wreck Chords this summer, followed by a new record to be issued through Fat in 2016.

Big congratulations to PEARS for being the first-ever New Orleans punk band to land on Fat Wreck Chords, one of the most notable indie-punk labels of the last two decades (current home to such acts as NOFX, The Lawrence Arms, Banner Pilot, not to mention a long list of legends in their back catalog). It’s a feat that no other New Orleans band has ever accomplished, and for that we tip our hats to PEARS. Let’s throw another human on the barbie!

Follow PEARS on Facebook right here.

PEARS are on tour through June. Get down with the sickness…






So, then there’s Feverish – the best new punk/indie/garage band to come out of New Orleans since PEARS.

Feverish will be teaming up with Frail to release a “FAKE” Split Cassette on Grace King Basement Tapes. The split is “fake” in that both bands appear on both sides of the tape, hence making it not a traditional “split” effort. The cassette will be made available through both bands and through Sisters in Christ.

Feverish features David Ross Sabludowsky, formerly of Self Help (Tenn.). Old school N.O. Punks fans might remember David from Arcane Theory, the NOLA-area hardcore band that formed in 2004.

Sabludowsky self-produced a handful of pretty incredible demo compositions during the Self Help years. Check out Recipere and Cicada Season.

The Feverish/ Frail FAKE Split will be the first release from Grace King, a New Orleans-based record label named for the noted Louisiana author.

Follow Feverish on Facebook right here.




Nashville-New Orleans’ Vista Blue recently released their debut pop punk LP, Good Eye, which is a collection of baseball-themed songs. Vista Blue features Mike Patton of the Loblaws (also of The Robinsons, Sunflowers, Sally Stitches; Mike was also a founding member of Toad the Wet Sprocket).

Vista Blue arrives recommended for fans of The Ramones, The Queers, or The Dopamines. Check out the whole thing right here, or start with “I Don’t Wanna Pinch Hit,” which is my personal favorite track.

Follow Vista Blue on Facebook right here.


TONC FB Profile Photo


Tomb of Nick Cage features Melissa Crory, most recently of the New Orleans-area ska band The Local Skank, but long-time fans might also recall her from dark and electro-rock bands EX-VOTO and Igor Kitty. Fellow Tomb of Nick Cage member Sean Mooney is probably most notable for his years as bass player for Converts, one of New Orleans’ long-lived thrash bands. Drawing from that eclectic range of styles, and Tomb of Nick Cage has  a mix of horror-punk-electro-thrash-metal. T.O.N.C.’s set list includes songs about the Illuminati, old world horror themes, Clive Barker references, and the Wickerman.

Creepy music that you can dance to.

Or jam to.

Just not jam dance to.

T.O.N.C. recently issued a new self-titled EP (pictured above) which is now available through iTunes.

Where Y’At? Magazine just ran a nice feature story on T.O.N.C., delving a bit into the band’s pool of spooky influences. Check it out right here.

Embrace the darkness of Tomb of Nick Cage on Facebook.

And finally…

Guignol Cover

That about wraps things up for this edition of SDR. I have been pretty busy for the last few months preparing for the release of my debut illustrated novel, which is due out in September. Guignol – A Tale of Escalating Horror is the story of an ordinary children’s Halloween play gone horribly wrong, featuring 45+ full color illustrations by artist Keith Hogan (who you might remember from such NOLA punk bands as Dirty Dingus and Capitol Offense).

Preview the first 6 chapters right here – or –  take a look at the creation of some of the original artwork right here. It might look like a children’s story, but we’re drawing a lot from things like The Walking Dead and Battle Royale. I also love horror stories that have shocking twists (like, say, The Twilight Zone or The X-Files), so expect an expected ending.

We are running a limited 1st printing pre-order through July 31st. If you would like to own a first edition copy, the only way to get one is to pre-order by July 31. All first editions shipped within the U.S. will arrive signed and numbered with a limited edition bookmark. We’re also offering some pre-order incentives including posters and original artist sketch editions.

Follow Guignol on Facebook right here.


Promo Teaser 2

Presenting the Debut of GUIGNOL

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Guignol Cover


I am pleased to announce the debut of my first novel.

GUIGNOL – A TALE OF ESCALATING HORROR is the tale of a children’s Halloween play gone horribly wrong.

20 chapters / 350 pages / 6″ x 9″ PAPERBACK / MATURE READERS

Featuring 45 full color illustrations by artist Keith Hogan.




Arriving September 2015 (just in time for Halloween!).

We started out with one simple goal: to tell the most original scary story that we could come up with – something that you’d want to read and re-read every Halloween.

GUIGNOL is informed by our lifelong love of things like Neil Gaiman stories, The Twilight Zone, The X-Files, Tales from the Dark Side, The Walking Dead, and Battle Royale. There’s also a twist ending that would make M. Night Shyamalan blush.

We are NOT doing a Kickstarter campaign, but you can PRE-ORDER and get bonus incentives like signed copies, posters, bookmarks, and original artist’s sketches.




If you live in the New Orleans area and would like to shop local + save on shipping, you can pre-order for pick-up at Miette (2038 Magazine St.)




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After many, many, many months in the making, I am pleased to announce that the first chapter of my debut illustrated horror novel is now available to read online absolutely FREE.

Guignol Cover

Guignol Back Cover


In French theater, a guignol is a play about Death in which the cast members meet their final fates one by one in increasingly dramatic, blood-curdling, terrifying ways.

Guignol features 45 full color illustrations by New Orleans punk rock legend Keith Hogan. The story follows the 5th grade theater students of the art academy of Sainte Jeanne d’Arc as they prepare for the premiere performance of Guignol.

Click Here to Start Reading
Chapter 1 – “The Little Ones”

We’re going to be serializing the first six chapters online for free through April. The first edition paperback will be available for pre-order beginning April 21st.

Guignol Lilly

Like GUIGNOL on Facebook – or – Follow GUIGNOL on Twitter

Be sure to check back on Wednesday for a look behind the scenes into the creation of Guignol – Chapter 1.

The free preview for Chapters 2 + 3 begins next Sunday, March 29th.


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March 22, 2015 at 12:30 pm


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